Chairman's Message 3 3 2010

Chairman's Message 3 3 2010

March 3, 2010

Chairman’s Message

To Our Shareholders,

In an effort to keep you updated on corporate developments, particularly with respect to the Mary March property dispute, we will be posting occasional updates on our website. This will be in addition to any press releases that will be necessary during the course of this process.

As shareholders are aware, Vinland filed a Factum in support of their appeal on February 19, 2010.

Currently, the lawyers for Canstar, Noranda and the government are preparing Factums in response to that of Vinland. We are advised that these will then be vetted by a judge who presumably will decide the next course of action.

As soon as we receive any additional information, the Chairman’s Message will be updated and a press release issued if necessary.

I would like to close by restating our strong conviction that Canstar will prevail in this long-standing dispute and will go on to develop Mary March to its fullest potential.


Harry J. Hodge, P.Eng.

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