Chairman's Message 7 12 2010

Chairman's Message 7 12 2010

To Our Shareholders,

The directors of Canstar Resources Inc. have been advised by legal counsel that a hearing on the Mary March property dispute has been scheduled for July 19th.

The purpose of this hearing, to be held before a judge, is to review the appeal by Vinland, and determine whether a rehearing of Vinland’s appeal is necessary, and the scope, timing and length of such a rehearing.

The directors view this as merely more delaying tactics on the part of Vinland. We are hopeful that this hearing will result in a rejection of Vinland’s appeal.

Once again we appreciate the support of our loyal shareholders and we wish to give them assurance that we are very determined to continue to do whatever we can to bring about the return of the Mary March property title to Canstar.

Canstar maintains plans to resume comprehensive exploration over the property as soon as title has been restored.


Harry J. Hodge, P.Eng.

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