Chairman's Message 2 14 2011

Chairman's Message 2 14 2011

To Our Shareholders,

The directors of Canstar Resources are still awaiting a decision on the December 2010 Appeal hearing regarding title to the Mary March property. While we had expected resolution some time ago, the decision lies entirely in the hands of Judge Alphonsus Faour of the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court.

We are optimistic that a decision could be handed down at any time. We firmly believe that the decision will be in Canstar’s favour. Upon the rendering of this decision, the directors of Canstar will take full advantage of the current positive state of the markets and rising metal prices, to resume exploration on the property this spring.

We thank our shareholders for their continued patience throughout this drawn-out ordeal and would like assure them that Canstar will issue a press release immediately upon notification of a decision.


Harry J. Hodge, P.Eng


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